01. Professional Development and Training

By combining common sense with innovation, 

CEBE Albania delivers practical training that is tried and true. We help individuals and companies build centers of excellence, not just a workforce. 

02. Training Venue & Delivery

Our training occurs onsite, offsite, virtually, and through video on demand. Participants in our training sessions receive an official certificate of attendance and accomplishment. Our training academy is licensed and certified as an official provider of professional development activities.

03. Training Topics

All our training materials are proprietary, and include topics such as:

1. Tourism Entrepreneurship and Guiding

2. Soft Skills for Personal Development

3. Marketing, Sales, and Promotion

4. Operations Management and Quality

5. General Management

6. Leadership and Inf

7. Human Resources

8. Customer Service Excellence

9. Communications

10. Accounting

11. Financial Management

12. Project Management

13. Fundraising Face to Face

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Located in Tirana, Albania

Practice Areas

Center for Economic and Business Education 


Code of Ethics

Please click below for the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct adopted at CEBE Albania in project management. 

01. Management Consulting

CEBE Albania has revolutionized the consulting industry in Albania. The following services are some of the most cutting edge deliverables that we give to our clients, day in day out.


1. Project Management and Audit 
​2. Employee Placement and Headhunting
3. Organizational Design
4. Human Resource Performance Management
5. Financial Advisory    
6. Strategic Planning
7. Commercialization Assistance
8. Business Restructuring & Process Improvement
9. Training and Certification 
10. Nonprofit Consulting
​11. Analytical Research and Scientific Modelling 

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